Board of Directors

  • Dr. V.Sunanda Kumar Reddy
    Managing Director & Head Of The Department Of Orthopaedics

    Dr. V.Sunanda Kumar Reddy is The Lead Consultant Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Narayanadri Hospital, Tirupati. He has high credentials of active Clinical Practise combined with a long history of Motivational Leadership roles and a track record of achievements in Join Rep lacement and Arthroscopy Surgeon.

  • Dr. S.V.Prasad
    Chairman & MS Gen- Laparoscopic Surgeon,

    Dr. S.V.Prasad is the Lead consultant General Surgery including Laparoscopic and Gasentrologist at Narayanadri Hospitals,Tirupati . He has a pleasant and easy going personality. He is a keen teacher and is willing to share his knowledge and skills with junior colleagues.

  • Dr.K.Ramachandra
    Vice Chairman & MD Gyn & Obg,

    Dr.K.Ramachandra is the Lead MD Gyn & Obg, At Narayanadri Hospital, Tirupati. He is friendly, pleasant and approachable person.

  • Dr A.S.Keerthi
    Executive Director & MDDM Neuro Physicican

    Dr A.S.Keerthi is the Senior Consultant Neuro Physicican At Narayanadri Hospital, Tirupati. As a highly motivated and well experienced Neuro Physicican,Dr A.S.Keerthi He is friendly, pleasant and approachable person.

  • Dr.G.Usha Rani
    Executive Director ,Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

  • Dr.B.Manoharamma
    MBBS,D.A.,Alternate Director