World Class Infrastructure

About Narayanadri hospitals

World Class Infrastructure

NARAYANADRI HOSPITALS and RESEARCH INSTITUTE is backed by high-end technology and infrastructure matching global standards of care. In keeping with our ‘patient first purpose’ approach to healthcare delivery, The Hospital has one of the biggest critical care program in the region with 50 beds in different intensive care. Each Critical care unit is equipped with high end patient monitoring devices, ventilators and dedicated isolation rooms. Facilities for Haemodialysis, CRRT, SLED, Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy are available 24X7 by the bedside. A 1:1 patient:nurse ratio is maintained in critical areas.


The ICU cares for patients requiring life support measures such as heart monitoring, dialysis and breathing machines. Patients admitted to the ICU are under the care of an Intensivist (a physician who specializes in the care of critically ill patients) and a team of highly experienced registered nurses, pharmacists, respiratory therapists, dietitians, social workers and physiotherapists.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is located on the 1st floor of the Hospital. The twelve-bed unit serves mainly cardiac, medical, and surgical patients requiring close monitoring and observation. Admissions to ICU occur when you experience a heart attack, chest pain, have difficulty breathing, and/or when patient need of more intensive observation for a critical condition.

The ICU provides critical care medicine, intensive monitoring and treatment with vasoactive drugs, ventilator and respiratory support and post-surgical care.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency and Trauma care at Narayanadri Hospitals is a 24-hour, fully-equipped medical centre, which cares for all kinds of accident victims and emergency cases. The Emergency and Trauma care is a state-of-the-art medical care centre, with the latest medical equipment. Medical supplies are available round-the-clock from the in-house pharmacy. The doctors and other medical staff are highly experienced in emergency medical care. They are accomplished in providing urgent medical or surgical care, basic and advanced life support and comforting patients and their care givers.

    Emergency Specialties

  • 24*7 comprehensive emergency medical services
  • 24*7 clinical laboratory service
  • 24*7 Blood Bank
  • 24*7 dedicated diagnostics services
  • 24*7 availability of well equipped ambulances, managed by trained emergency medical personnel
  • State-of-the-art emergency care equipment
  • Staff qualified and experienced in emergency medical care
  • Emergency Specialties

  • Critical care emergencies
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Road accidents
  • Head injuries
  • Medical emergencies
  • Obstetric & Gynaecological emergencies
  • Paediatric emergencies


A catheterization laboratory or cath lab is an examination room in a hospital with diagnostic imaging equipment used to visualize the arteries of the heart and the chambers of the heart and treat any stenosis or abnormality found.

NARAYANADRI HOSPITALS equipped with state of art cath lab with Philips Allura Xper FD10 cardiovascular X-ray system offers versatile automatic positioning movements and exceptional image quality for coronary angiography. Its images support informed decisions during cardiac & cardiovascular procedures.

24 X 7 Advanced Lab

At NARAYANADRI HOSPITALS, We have Advanced Laboratory Services which is a state of the art laboratory with in the hospital. Our patients range from those concerned with basic health to diagnosing fatigue and screening for infectious pathogens from viral to bacteriological. Our Primary Goals

  • Deliver affordable, reliable and quality results in a timely fashion (same day applicable)
  • Provide crucial assistance to diagnosis of diseases as well as key research that could potentially aid in future diagnosis and prevention.
  • Bio-chemistry fully automated Analyzer
  • Hormones Analyzer
  • Electrolyte Analyzer
  • Cell Counter
  • At NARAYANADRI HOSPITALS we have the following tests
  • Procalcitonin (PCT) – the biomarker of choice to aid diagnosis of sepsis.
  • Procalcitonin is widely regarded as the most useful biomarker of severe systemic inflammation, infection and sepsis, offering emergency department and intensive care clinicians a key tool to aid the diagnosis of sepsis
  • Troponin Test
  • A troponin test measures the levels troponin T or troponin I proteins in the blood. These proteins are released when the heart muscle has been damaged, such as occurs with a heart attack. The more damage there is to the heart, the greater the amount oftroponin T and I there will be in the blood.
  • NT - proBNP
  • A Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Test to Determine NT-proBNP Cardiac Marker Levels in Blood. NT-proBNP test is an accurate, quantitative and rapid diagnostic test that aids in the diagnosis and assessment of severity in individuals suspected of having congestive heart failure (CHF) and can aid in the risk stratification of patients with heart failure

    24 Hrs Pharmacy

    At Narayanadri Hospital, pharmacy is a specialized field that is integrated into the care of a Hospital.

    The primary mission of hospital’s pharmacy is to manage the use of medications in hospital. Goals include the selection, prescription, procuration, delivery, administration and review of medications to optimize patient outcomes. It is important to ensure that the right patient, dose, route of administration, time, drug, information and documentation are respected when any medication is used.

    At Narayanadri Hospitals, we have a team of experienced pharmacists who work round the clock in order to provide the services to patients.

    CT / MRI

    At Narayanadri Hospitals we have state of the art equipments for MRI and CT, where the radiology technicians work for round the clock to provide services to the patients.


    Toshiba Asteion 4-slice CT scanner provides a great value for performance as a 4-slice CT scanner. Toshiba Asteion 4 was the first of its kind to offer tilted scanning, which offers a wider variety of options for the CT technician. The Asteion includes SURE exposure technology that ensures the lowest possible dose while returning high-quality images.

    The Asteion has flexible options for speed and accuracy of the scan, as well as a focus on increased patient comfort.


    AIRIS II firmly established Hitachi’s reputation as the Open MR leader, equipped with a workhorse low maintenance permanent magnet providing consistent image quality and broad capability.

    The innovative gantry design and wide patient table continues to deliver a high level of patient comfort. The AIRIS II has continued to maintain high resale value over the last decade and remains a sought-after scanner on the used equipment market.

    0.3T permanent magnet technology means economical siting and operation

  • Small 5G footprint – 6.6ft. horizontal x 8.2ft. vertica
  • No Equipment room or chiller required
  • 388 sq. ft. minimum site plan
  • 208v single phase power
  • Low 3KW average power consumption
  • Open patient accessibility

  • 80cm wide patient table
  • 18” minimum table height
  • 500 lb weight capacity

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